Geospatial Monitoring

Real-time insight for accurate and efficient monitoring

Enhance infrastructure, rail, bridge, and construction site surveillance with latest technology geotechnical instrumentation


HLR Geospatial

At HLR Geospatial we provide a comprehensive approach to real-time monitoring, providing actionable insights and accurate results for our client’s projects using the latest instrumentation technology .

With a focus on infrastructure, rail, bridge, and construction site monitoring, we assist you to make informed decisions and ensure a seamless operation of your critical assets.

Discover how we use advanced technology to your monitoring needs.

Our focus monitoring services  

Explore our comprehensive geospatial monitoring services tailored for enhanced oversight in key sectors.




Construction sites

Comprehensive monitoring solutions for every structure

At HLR Geospatial we offer monitoring expertise to ensuring that your structures are equipped with the highest level of oversight and protection.

What structures can we monitor

Widest range of sensors

HLR Geospatial has the biggest range of sensors on the market. Monitor every aspect of your asset’s health easily.

Easy to use platform

The HLR Geospatial monitoring platform is the easiest to use and most intuitive platform on the market.

Get the right solution

Our monitoring experts will be able to provide the perfect solution for whatever structure you are looking to monitor.

Focus monitoring services

Infrastructure monitoring

Monitor surrounding buildings to your work site

Monitoring vibration, tilt change and cracks on surrounding infrastructure.

Roads, tunnels, buildings, water pressure & more

Utilising our monitoring system and our range of sensors you will be able to monitor structural and geotechnical changes. 

Rail monitoring

Monitor rail twist & cant

Utilising the HLR Geospatial platform, you can monitor the cant and twist of the track easier than ever before.

Ballast void detection

Determine the degradation of the ballast of a rail track causing sleeper movement.

Vertical settlement

By synchronising tilt sensors together using a super static data collection method you can determine the vertical settle of a track over time. 

Bridge monitoring 

Complete bridge analysis

Gather all the bridge data you can think of. Monitor the complete health picture of your structure. 

Model frequencies

Our monitoring platform comes with all the API’s and Developments giving you access to the best monitoring platform on the market.

All inclusive platform

Monitoring your bridge structure has never been easier and in the 1 monitoring platform with 1 cost and no hidden surprises makes budgeting easier than ever before.

Construction site monitoring 

Monitor your vibration levels on site

Ensure you are staying below vibrational threshold levels preventing cracking. 

Retaining walls, buildings & other structures

No matter what your project is we can monitor it and gather your health information. 

Monitor all your aspects of deformation.

Using our sensors, you can gather all your data in 1 place and provide a construction site report easier than ever before

Monitoring Geospatial South Australia
Monitoring Geospatial South Australia

Instantaneous insights through real-time data acquisition

With our cutting-edge technology we stay ahead of the curve by accessing critical data in real time, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Real time data acquisition

Real-time data acquisition

Gather real-time data from our sensor solutions to provide you with data to help keep your site safe.

Easy to use platform

The HLR Geospatial monitoring platform is the easiest to use and most intuitive platform on the market.

Deformation & vibration monitoring

Monitor structural assets deformation as construction works are taking place whilst maintaining safe vibration levels. 

Customer friendly 4-step process

At HLR Geospatial we understand the challenges our customers may face when working on large and complex projects. Therefore, we have developed a customer friendly 4-step process to help you achieve your project goals.

Identify the task and understand the client’s requirements

Provide a detailed solution and proposal
Conduct the proposed activities
Provide the results and reports